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What a cow eats significantly affects the nutrient composition of beef. All cows eat grass but traditionally, they are fed grain in their final months. This allows producers to quickly fatten up their animals, so they are ready to be processed and sold sooner. However, grain-fed beef is one of the top foods that causes inflammation in the body. Although our method takes a little longer, the health benefits of grass finished beef are well worth it.

Simply put, grass finished beef is better for your health than traditional beef. Cows that only eat grass produce meat that is significantly more nutrient dense, lower in total fat, higher in heart-healthy Omega-3s, higher in cancer fighting CLAs and richer in antioxidants. By purchasing Clean Pasture Beef, you can be sure that you are feeding your family the healthiest beef available.

Our Story

Our cattle live in harmony with nature on our spacious ranch in northeast Texas, peacefully grazing on lush pastures that are never over-grazed. Besides mama’s milk, grass is their only food source. They always have access to free choice minerals and fresh, clean water.

We grow our grass by healing the land, using regenerative techniques. This involves frequently moving our cattle to graze new pastures and giving the land time to rest in between grazing periods. Our animals are never confined in feedlots, never fed grain, and are never exposed to toxic chemicals.

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